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MediBang Paint is a free, compact app for creating comics or illustrations with your finger or pen on your smartphone. There are more versions for PCs or tablets and thanks to the cloud service you can easily transfer your work from one device to another. MediBang Paint runs on Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS, but we will only review versions for smartphones that include more than 1,000 types of tools: brushes, fonts, ready-made backgrounds and other materials. The mobile version allows you to use all the same advantages as on a personal computer. The interface is specially redesigned for smartphones, so there are not so many details on the screen that can interfere to work with the image. A multiple zoom will helps you to work out the smallest details.

MediBang Paint MediBang Paint

The application includes many free brushes: a pen, a pencil, watercolor, blur, blurring, shaped pen, artistic pen, synchronous symmetry, brush, flat brush, round brush, acrylic, school pen and soft pastel … Altogether about 60 different brushes for any tasks. Among the free materials there are also backgrounds, textures, clouds for text, fonts, panels for comics. In MediBang Paint user can add his photo and draw on it by placing it in a different layer. Working with layers will make editing a drawing or adding the new elements much easier without damaging existing ones.

MediBang Paint

In MediBang Paint you can work in a team using the cloud to share the project with other people involved in its creation. For more efficient drawing on the work area, you can insert guides, which there are several types. Among them are parallel lines, a grid, perspective lines of two kinds and circular guides. Also the lines drawn by hand will make smootherthe by the pen correction, it will also make it easier to draw just with your finger.

You can download this app in Google Play and iTunes 

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