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Sometimes, when you going to edit photo as you want, you have to drag it through several photo editors because in one, for example, the filters are not so good, and in another there is nothing to remove the defects in the photo. Each of the programs gradually compresses the photo, degrading the quality of the image. Therefore, it would be useful if there was an application with all the necessary tools at hand. In Meitu, there are all the tools for working with pictures on the phone that you can imagine.


In addition to traditional tools for editing photos, in the application you can work directly with the objects themselves in the image: change the shape of the body, face and its individual parts, remove stains, wrinkles, scars, etc. You can apply various types of mosaics and blur to a snapshot, which are applies in a dotted mode by touch, like a brush. Tools for changing the appearance can change the person’s face and body in a picture beyond recognition, if it needed. You can enlarge your eyes and lips, apply makeup, and everything separately: lips, cat’s eyes, eyeshadows, brows, blush. In addition to simply changing the shape, you can use a tool that allows you to lengthen or shorten some part of the picture.


To diversify your photo, you can add decorative elements to it. In the application there are stickers, text, stickers, brushes, mosaics, frames, collages, etc. And you can even go into the “hand drawn” mode and use AI technology to turn your portrait into an illustration in one click! And then there is also something to choose from! Many different styles of illustrations and many thematic updates.

In the usual filters on the photo in Meitu also has its own peculiarity, they regulate not only the intensity of the filter itself, but also the intensity of the auto retouching, applied to the entire image. If you want, it can be reduced to zero. With this application you can do both doll-like photos from ordinary pictures, and simply make small edits to the finished photo. The only drawback can be considered, of course, the compression image on the output, but it is not so significant to seriously affect the quality of the photo, given that the photo from this app will most likely go right to the instagram where it will not be visible.

You can download this app in GooglePlay and iTunes

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