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Mirror Lab – unique collages and reflections

The Mirror Lab application will be appreciated by creative people and those who like to change their photos beyond recognition. Now to make a fancy collage from a typical city panorama is not a problem. Mirror Lab is an application that applies complex effects to photos using additional shapes, reflections and offsets. This is the application in which you can impose a mosaic on the image,  make a mini-planet, insert into a kaleidoscope or fractal, break it into polygons, add “artifacts” and much more.

Mirror Lab Mirror Lab Mirror Lab

Even if you do not want to see heavily edited photos in your social networks, Mirror Lab is just interesting to use as a regular kaleidoscope. Each of the effects presented in the application can be adjusted by increasing the intensity, for example, or by moving the focus of the effect. In addition, the Mirror Lab has a special drawing mode, where you can draw a shape and apply all the effects of the application to it. A convenient feature of this application is that you can duplicate the last effect on the photo with just one button. This interface convenience ends. In Mirror Lab it is impossible to undo the last action, but only the whole effect after its application, the horizontal scrolling of options at first confuses, and there is very little space on the screen to view the photos. The size of the edited image can not exceed 3 Mp in the free version. Nevertheless, the application does  an excellent job with its task, and you can quickly adapt to minor interface inconveniences.

Mirror Lab Mirror Lab Mirror Lab

You can get a very unexpected result if you edit in Mirror Lab, for example, a friend’s photo.

You can download this app in GooglePlay

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