Monument Valley II

Monument Valley II: worthy continuation

Monument Valley II is a marvelous game with an intriguing plot and a unique architectural style. The main goal of the game is to lead the mother and her child through the world of optical illusion. They will find mysterious monuments, hidden passages and of course exciting quizzes on their way. A player will need to solve puzzles quicker than other players. This is a well-known continuation of the first part of the game Monument Valley.

Monument Valley II architectural minimalism and magical sound background

Monument Valley II has everything to be perfect starting from graphic design and ending with the plotline. Amazing and fantastic architectural composition is what catches the player’s eye immediately. An accurate geometry of the game leads you through the world of perfectionism. Every monument impresses players with its three-dimensional integrity. The combination of minimalism and reality of castles conveys the game’s uniqueness.

One of the crucial features of Monument Valley II is its architectural minimalism which is focused on the conception of simplicity. At first glance it seems that this concept is quite easy to observe and understand, but then you realize all the beauty of the architectural composition.

The sound background is worth applause as well. Developers of the game made their best to create a completed plot with its unique musical atmosphere. To feel a full deepness of these sounds, you will need to put on your headphones. They can convey a relaxing atmosphere of the game. It makes you think outside the box and solve the quizzes using your imagination.

Monument Valley II unpublished

The main aspect of the game Monument Valley II is its decoration. At the same time, a secondary aspect is quizzes. Some of them are very easy to pass, but some of them are difficult to go through. You can spend a couple of hours solving them.

Despite all the strong points of the game, there are some weak points too. For example, the fact that it is too short:) It isn’t boring yet, but it has already been finished. That’s why we hope that developers will increase the number of levels.

The game won many rewards such as The Best Game 2017, The Best Design 2017, The Best Game-Puzzle 2018 and others.

To conclude, I’d like to say that if you want to play Monument Valley II, you need to pay for it. But trust me it’s worth paying for it. You’ll not regret the money because you will have an incredible architectural composition, an impressive musical background, and an amazing graphic design.

If you’re a fan of fantastic architecture and optical illusion, then download the game here.

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