Monument Valley

Monument Valley – a surreal world of fantastic architecture

Monument Valley is an atmospheric, relaxing game with very nice graphics and music. According to the plot of the game, we need to guide the princess Ida through the complex surreal world of mobile architectural designs to her fairy-tale castle. The basis for the game is the world-famous creation of the Penrose brothers-the Penrose Staircase. On this long journey, there will be optical illusions, sophisticated mechanisms that need to be outwitted and mysterious crow people. Everything is done so that everyone can enjoy the game and easily pass it.

Monument Valley Monument Valley Monument Valley Monument Valley

Each monument combines the ideas of minimalist three-dimensional designs, optical illusions and elements of real palaces and temples. These unique worlds of manual work are waiting for their researchers. Beautiful surreal soundscapes are created in response to your actions. Therefore, for a better immersion in this colorful world of polygons, it’s better to play with headphones.

You can download this game in Google Play and iTunes

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