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Mr. Bean and solitaire? Why not!

Mr. Bean is a cult character created by British actor Rowan Atkinson. The childish and clumsy hero gained popularity around the world thanks to the series, which was broadcast by the BBC at the turn of the 80s and 90s. Due to the small number of dialogs, individual episodes of the programs could also entertain people who did not speak English. Almost a quarter century after the end of the broadcast of the series, this hero can still boast of being in the media. Take, for example, the numerous games signed by Mr. Bean. Among them there is even solitaire!

We start the game in London, but a few seconds are enough for Mr. Bean to stumble and fall from the bridge onto a ship sailing directly to New York. If you ever had the opportunity to watch Rowan Atkinson in this role, this development is unlikely to surprise you. After a moment, it turns out that returning home can guarantee us … a game of solitaire. However, it is worth noting that this will be a very simple version of this game.

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Each round will be roughly the same task. The player must fold the cards in order to maintain order from the highest to the lowest or vice versa. Depending on how the hand looks, we can “go” with the stack up or down at any time. If we do not find suitable cards among the cards on the board, we draw them from the reserve deck. The goal of the game is to “unlock” cards that are at the very bottom. This, in turn, should clear the entire board.

Each victory is rewarded with a certain amount of virtual money. They will allow you to buy additional cards that will help you go through some levels in case of our failure. With each subsequent solitaire, Mr. Bean will discover new countries on his way from the United States to England.

We can recognize that Mr. Bean and solitaire are a rather peculiar combination. If you like simple card games for one person that do not require too much thought, you will find something for yourself. Mr. Bean is just an add-on that will sell this title to his fans.

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