MUJO – a very unusual puzzle game

MUJO is a unique puzzle game with very interesting gameplay. As in many other games, here we fight monsters, but in an unusual way. To strike a monster, you need to collect as many tiles with the sword image as possible on the game screen, connected together. The more of them you collect – the more powerful attack will be. In addition, these tiles must be multiplied by putting a long tap into one square, and continuing to collect the attacking tiles on the screen while preparing to crush the next Greek monster. This is done with one click on the stack with tiles. For the other elements of the puzzle, the same dynamics apply, so you will free up space for new tiles.


As you progress through the game, you will have assistants in the form of Greek gods. They will perform various functions, eating other elements on the playing field, to accumulate their power to become more useful in combat. At the same time, your team can have up to three gods, which ones and in which order – choose yourself.

In MUJO beautiful minimalistic flat graphics and animation. The game is made in pleasant, restrained tones, but it does not fade. When you connect to the GameCenter, you can compete with your friends in the standings. MUJO is essentially an endless game and an excellent timekiller. If you are a fan of puzzles and games like “match-three”, then you will definitely like it.

You can download this game in Google Play and iTunes


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