MX Player

MX Player – perfect app for video playback

Do you like to watch many different videos, but there is no high-quality player that will help to do this? To solve this problem quickly and efficiently, you need to install MX Player.

MX Player

This video player has everything you need to provide the quality of the video that you want. He got several advantages at once, but the best one is the ability to support any formats, even such as AC-3. It has advanced hardware acceleration and the ability to watch video with subtitles. This makes it possible to some extent to study a foreign language.

This player is the first one that runs on Android, and has multi-core decoding. Thanks to this the player improves its work by 70 percent, unlike usual ones. The player is very convenient and easy to use. Important role in this belongs to the ability to set the needed scale on the screen, and do it with your fingers. In addition, a panorama mode is available.

MX Player

The player provides the ability to control subtitles. The whole process involves moving the subtitles up and down, and moving from one to the other. While watching a video, you do not need to worry about accidentally clicking on a screen that another application can launch. There is a special screen lock for this, but you need to install an additional plug-in.

If necessary, you can synchronize the video using Bluetooth. The player has several powerful additional functions, in particular such as: showing the interface elements on the floor of second windows, control of vibration function. Therefore, installing this player, you can treat yourself and your family with high-quality video.

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