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'My Coffeeshop: Recipes & Stories' is Your Unique Story

The game ‘My Coffeeshop: Recipes & Stories’ was developed by Belarusian company Melsoft Games. It was a breakthrough because of its unique idea and concept in a restaurant management sphere. The game gives a chance to become a restaurant manager for a while to plan and make a product’s supply. Gamers need to negotiate with customers, suppliers, and business partners. ‘My Coffeeshop’ allows gamers to employ and teach the staff how they should work in order to build an effective business strategy. Also, they will need to manage the price level and menu choice. Because of items’ great variety, this game has already become one of the most popular in the game industry.

How to build your own successful coffeeshop

According to the game’s developers, they have everything that is necessary to build a successful cafe. In order to build an effective strategy in the restaurant business, there are some key factors that every manager should consider.

First of all, it is interior design. This is one of the most crucial factors gamers should not forget to use. Choosing the proper style of your restaurant and creating a unique interior idea is what is really worth to spend your online time and money. While playing, you can have some essential design tasks such as choosing furniture, style, and other decoration elements.

In the process of playing this game, the choice of an optimal menu is one of the key factors we need to discuss. Menu choice depends on developing the restaurant’s concept. The choice of cuisine plays an important role in developing the optimal menu. The number of customers, cooks’ employment, and product variety depend on the choice of menu. Moreover, while playing you can use the option of making your own coffee. Improvising in coffee recipes is a part of an interesting experiment to find the best coffee mix. There is also an opportunity to make orders for festivals and other holidays.

Furthermore, in ‘My Coffeeshop’, you can easily manage the price level and control its fluctuation. While playing, you will need to resolve conflicts with customers and find a way to negotiate with business partners and suppliers. That is why you can train your negotiating skills in a restaurant simulator.

My Coffeeshop is a reality or a simulator?

‘My Coffeeshop’ is a perfect game to realize that there is no border between reality and a simulator. Everything seems to be so real.  While playing, you can be caught up with a thought that if you really are a restaurant manager, how would you act in this particular situation. Because of the game, you’d like to have real-life experience as a restaurant manager someday:) I recommend this game for this genuine atmosphere.

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