Pedometer – app for active people

As you know, running and walking are very useful for the human body. These exercises can not only improve your health, but also stabilize the circulatory system. In order to be sure of how many steps, kilometers, etc. you pass, or run through the day, you need to install the Pedometer application.


With its help you can get the most accurate information. This application has received more than enough functions that will certainly come in handy. Of course, its main and main task is to measure the number of steps, as well as the distance that you overcome during the day. But apart from all this, there is also the possibility of measuring the number of calories consumed for the whole day. Among the main functions should be said about the mileage total, average speed, and the time you spend on overcoming a certain length. The application works quite simply, and will be understandable for all users. To include the number of steps, you just need to press the Start button, and after that the countdown will begin. The phone can be kept in your hands, in your pocket or bag.


To be able to compare the information for a certain period you need, there is a special diagram on which all the information is displayed. It turns on simply, for this purpose there is a special button on the screen. After tapping you see a graph on which you can select any point, and it will contain all the necessary information for this or another period of time. To most accurately know the amount of calories you need to enter the following data: gender, weight, height, and avarage step length. The application got several different themes that allow you to change its overall appearance.

Download the app on Google Play

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