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All lovers of treat themselves with fashionable cool things at an affordable price is dedicated. Finally, there is someone who will look for the most beneficial offer on the Internet instead of us. Please love and respect –! This is a relatively new application for the fans of shopping, with which you can find out about interesting promotions, discounts, etc. by keywords. Register a free account in, in order to access the additional functions of the application.

The application has its own community within which users share useful information, promotional codes, secret discounts, which you simply can not find in ordinary advertising. Here you can see the hottest discounts that this community has rated the most. Consult other community members about discounts, products, stores, services, and more. By joining the community, you will be able to comment or participate in discussions of a discount, sale, service. There is also the opportunity to assess the efforts of other members of the community, voting for the discounts that they found.
Watch out for activity around your discounts and be aware of the activity of your friends from the community.
To do this, the application has an activity feed that will help you easily track updates to the calls, comments, votes of other participants and discounts added by your favorite stores.

You can add discounts anywhere, as soon as you find them. And share the hottest ones with friends via VK, Telegram, Whatsapp or email. By the entered keywords, the application sends a notification as soon as the output offer appears. Notification by keywords from allows you to specify words like “iPhone”, “PS”, “Laptop” or “Lego”, etc.
With the help of you can track actual promotional codes from stores like Lamoda, Aliexpress, Gearbest, Burger King, Nike, Wildberries, Asos and many others. This will save you time and energy when you want to buy something. And if there is something interesting, but there is no time to glance, then you can always save this discount to view it later. To facilitate the search, you can subscribe to groups where they share discounts of a certain topic, without leaving the application. In general, save your time and make profitable shopping.

You can download this app in Google Play and iTunes

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