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Pocket Casts Available For Free With New Subscription

Pocket Casts is one of the most popular paid apps for listening to podcasts. It appeared on the App Store in 2010 and has evolved over the years – both in terms of interface and in terms of functionality. Pocket Casts is also available on Android or computers as a web application. Last year’s update of the program brought many new products and interesting solutions. Today, Pocket Casts is changing again – the developers decided to introduce a subscription and provide the basic version of the application for free.

Paid applications available on the App Store and Google Play are increasingly moving to a new payment model. Instead of the traditional one-time payment, they prefer to enter a subscription in advance, which brings a steady income. This is a good decision? It depends – if the creators are well prepared for this change, users will still be happy to pay. And if they repeat the mistakes of Airmail, they will quickly meet with numerous critics. So what does the transition to the new payment model look like in the case of Pocket Cast?

Pocket Casts for Android costs $ 5.04, and the iOS version costs $ 5.32. For an application to listen to podcasts, these amounts may seem large, but looking at competitors’ decisions, including the built-in podcast application for iOS, we can say that this purchase cost money. Now you can download Pocket Casts for free, which allows you to use previously available tools and features.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts switches to a new payment model and introduces subscriptions

Broadcast detection, the ability to change the playback speed or remove silence, personally created filters and catalogs for podcasts, the ability to listen to individual episodes without the need for a subscription, the choice of several graphic styles or synchronization between devices – all this remains free. However, for those who expect a little more, a Pocket Casts Plus subscription has been prepared, which for a monthly or yearly fee will provide access to applications on MacOS, Windows or a browser version, allow you to store files in the cloud (10 GB), or even improve the graphics settings interface to meet your needs.

The Pocket Casts Plus version for Android costs $ 1.4 per month or $ 13.44 per year. The price list for the version for iOS will appear along with the latest update, which will soon appear on the App Store.

The application is available on the App Store and Google Play, in the universal version, for free.

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