Pocket Rogues Ultimate

Pocket Rogues Ultimate: build a fortress

Pocket Rogues Ultimate is an impressive role-playing game developed by EtherGaming. Challenge yourself, defeat monsters, and build a fortress. The RPG-style game will drag you into the game abyss of time and space. Various dungeons, locations, and monsters will lure you into a real whirlpool of events.

Pocket Rogues Ultimate – develop heroes and survive

Pocket Rogues Ultimate won’t make you bored, because it has exciting gameplay. Players need to fight monsters and defeat them. You will pass through various dungeons using many weapons, finding new heroes, and building towers. Developers created unique locations. This is an amazing combination of an interesting game style with a lot of traps and objects. You can discover new heroes and new game mechanisms in the recent version. Your goal is to build your fortress. Heroes have their unique abilities and superpowers. Thus, players will enjoy a vast amount of equipment and classes.

Furthermore, the graphics and musical background can bring some joy to the players. The graphic design in Pocket Rogues Ultimate is fascinating, and music is alluring with its realism. All these elements create an unforgettable impression and positively affect the atmosphere of the game.

Pocket Rogues Ultimate: game’s drawbacks

There are some drawbacks in the game, including the lack of an online mode, the inhibition of bosses’ reaction, and the absence of the multiplayer. It would be much more interesting to play if players could compete with friends online. Moreover, the bosses can stand still for a long time, having no obstacles. Furthermore, developers promised to integrate multiplayer into the game. However, there is still no multiplayer and other game updates. Thus, players are looking forward to testing them. Besides, the game lacks a diverse plot, exciting game combinations, new heroes, or locations.

If you are an RPG fan, then you need to play Pocket Rogues Ultimate.

Here is a link to download the game.

P.S. developers designed a discount system, so you’re welcome to join the world of monsters:)

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