Poly Bridge

Poly Bridge – how to build a bridge and win the game

Poly Bridge is a great game designed by New Zealand developer Dry Cactus Limited. This is a famous simulator where players need to build a bridge. Are you ready to create a solid bridge for the safe intersection of cars and other vehicles? If yes, let’s start an exciting journey into the world of engineering.

Poly Bridge: storyline and other aspects

Poly Bridge has many features. For example, the game has 105 campaign levels and 22 achievements. You will have drawbridges, swing axles, and ramps, as well as classic bridges in your arsenal. In Sandbox mode, players will need to use engineering fantasy to build bridges. Your crucial goal is to get the vehicles to their destination. You have a huge variety of different functions and features. The essential thing is not to miss them and take a chance in building a strong bridge for moving vehicles.

The game has interesting gameplay, a fascinating story, and entertaining physics. Players have the opportunity to use five locations. However, they can quickly get bored, so developers should take this aspect into account and increase the number of locations. Unfortunately, the controls are not very convenient. It’s not adapted to smartphones. We hope developers will consider this issue and simplify control for players’ convenience.

Poly Bridge – key features

In Poly Bridge, you will have to build long engineering structures and make every effort to develop them. Your gaming future depends on it. The game has amazing graphics and great music. Besides, the game can develop the intellectual abilities of players, ingenuity, and erudition. Thus, the speed ​​of reaction is essential in this game.

Many players complain about the training part of the game. It’s quite complex and monotonous. A variety of levels doesn’t always mean a positive moment in the game. In this case, your game excitement can quickly be disappeared because of monotonous design.

If you’re a fan of engineering physics and unique bridges, then you should play Poly Bridge.

Download the game here.

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