Reigns – feel the power of Dynasty in your hands

Reigns is a card game where players need to manage their servants. The game’s crucial goal is while sitting on the royal throne, to be a leader of the whole kingdom. The game developers DevolverDigital reflected an amazing atmosphere of Medieval times.

Reigns strategy’s review

Reigns is a game that makes players predict future steps and change the course of history. Time is your power that rules over the King. And even after the King’s death you can leave a significant mark in the Dynasty biography. This game is a high-quality strategy with well-developed game moves. It depends on you which method to use in ruling the Dynasty. It’s up to you to decide the ‘carrot or stick approach’ will be more effective. Besides, players need to be flexible among various requests including advisors, peasants, or others. 

The game keeps the balance between text quiz and unique gameplay because it impresses with its scope. Also, the plot will not leave anyone indifferent. The King must think over the strategies to rule for a long time and to be flexible between the enemies and advisors and find the right approach for everyone (same as in real life). 

Reigns game’s design


Reigns have an authentic graphic design. Players can enjoy a visual exterior, music background, and an incredible atmosphere of the epoch. Unfortunately, the game has its drawbacks. For example, many devices don’t support an updated version of the game. We hope developers will consider this issue and fix the bugs. Besides, when you realize the game’s major tasks, it becomes boring to play. The closer to the end, the more predictable it becomes. 

Although Reigns has its drawbacks, it’s worth a positive review. You can notice a great number of positive aspects here involving amazing graphics, an exciting plot, and a dynamic and easy-going style. Thus, if you’re a fan of a strategic game, then you obviously need to try it. Despite the fact that you must pay for the game, you don’t need to donate anything while playing. Therefore, if you don’t change your mind, then here is a link to download the game:

Download here

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