Roll the Ball: slide puzzle – for fans to improve their thinking

For those who like all sorts of puzzles, you should pay attention to the Roll the Ball: slide puzzle. With its help you can significantly improve your thinking, and at the same time have fun. This application has several advantages at once, which make it so popular and successful. The first thing to say about, is the large number of different options for playing the game, and make this process more interesting and difficult a little bit.  Among the levels that can be played there are: puzzle-sliders, puzzle games, brain teasers, and much more.

Roll the Ball

Among the most popular games are considered to improve the intellect, especially for kids who need to think a lot and “turn-on” non-standard thinking. With this application, you can bring together the whole family, because for this here was created a type of levels, such as family puzzle games. This will help to gather the whole family, and make every evening more interesting and funny.

The mission of the game is to deliver the ball to its final destination, but there will be boxes on the way that will need to be moved to the right place, and creat the trail for the ball this way. If simple movement of boxes seems to you boring, you can go to such actions as moving and rotating, which will make the gameplay more difficult. The developers took care that the players were interested in game. And that’s why every day you can receive all sorts of bonuses and gifts. The application has several useful functions during the game, namely: restart, cancel, and tips. This helps to avoid unwanted errors. The application is suitable for both children and adults, and so all together can play it, and help each other during the playing.


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