Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2: how to defeat demons and stay alive

Shadow Fight 2 is a popular fighting and role-playing game designed by the Russian developer NEKKI. Can you survive at the same time trying to drive the demons back into their habitat? Answer this question during the game.

Shadow Fight 2: fight without rules

Developers designed Shadow Fight 2 back in 2014. However, developers update the version frequently. In 2020, they updated the version again, but it wasn’t as successful as the previous versions. Those who played earlier should know the plot of the game. I’ll remind everyone else about the major storylines.

You’re a legendary fighter who managed to release demons. They, in turn, made him a shadow. In Shadow Fight 2, there are various battle options. For example, ascent, fighting with a demon, testing, duel, tournament, and survival. All these battles are a huge part of the overall gameplay. However, in the new version of 2020, developers decided to disable the Ascent mode. Thus, I believe that the game lost its positions in the market and failed to achieve the top. A lot of players loved this battle option. Now that it’s gone, it has become not that exciting to continue the game.

The game still has its advantages, including impressive graphics, interesting weapons, and amusing gameplay. The drawbacks will involve endless advertising and long loading. By updating the version, developers more and more are becoming greedy, less and less caring about the quality of the game. We hope that developers will consider the bugs and correct them in the next update.

Shadow Fight 2 – true action

In the game, you’ll find dynamic fights, unique animation, user-friendly interface. There is a chance to defeat enemies with various types of weapons, travel in time using appropriate technology. Your opponents are serious demons with whom you must fight. Can you beat them? This is an essential question every player will need to answer. Dear players, fight and win in this amazing mix of RPG and a fighting game.

If you like fighting games and you’re ready to defeat your enemies, then welcome to the game.

Here is a link to download.

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