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Sleep as Android Unlock: how does it work?

Sleep as Android is an alarm clock that while sleeping, tracks your sleeping cycle. It is a smart clock that can wake you up in the most gentle way at the right moment. This app analyses your bio sleeping cycle and shows you the graph history.

According to this graph, your body can lack sleeping energy, which is called a sleep deficit. Also, this app can show your sleeping phases including the phase of deep sleep. Moreover, the app analyses snoring statistics and gives a recommendation. It can record snoring detection as well.

Benefits of using Sleep as Android

Furthermore, Sleep as Android is the app that can prevent you from jet lag while being on board. I would admit that it is a useful app if you are constantly changing time zones. It even can record your sleep talk. It is a VERY smart app that can make your body work as a whole developed system. Moreover, the app does not allow your body to oversleep because it has CAPTCHA system verification.

Sleep as Android is one of the best apps in this sphere. It has one crucial benefit standing out among other ‘sleeping’ apps. It has pleasant music playlists from alarm such as the sea, birds, storms, etc. If you have a problem with falling asleep, then you need to listen to nature sound lullabies. They can make you conciliated and peaceful. You can just relax and enjoy the sound.

If you are a fan of sharing your achievements with your friends, then Sleep as Android has an option of social sharing. You can share your daily results on Twitter or Facebook.

Drawbacks of using Sleep as Android

Although this app has a long history in app development, it still has its drawbacks. Right now the app has been constantly updated. But this update is not always working. Some users regret that they paid for the app because it doesn’t wake a person up according to the bio cycle. It wakes the person up according to the daily alarm time clock. Hopefully, developers will change the situation to the better version.

You can download the app on Google Play. 

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