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And here’s something for real music lovers. SoundCloud is an application that will help to discover a lot of new music. Wherever you are, you will have access to a huge number of musicians who are gaining popularity. All that you liked could be added to your favorites and organized into playlists that you can listen to before the holes. In addition to this, you can subscribe to friends and musicians and stock up on music from them. Here is an impressive community of young musicians. The app also has podcasts, comedy programs and news.

SoundCloud SoundCloud SoundCloud

For convenient searching, there is a section “Explore”, in which you can find the music and sounds of any of the genres that will only come to your mind. Sharing music with this application will be much easier. Analogy of this application in some way can be called YouTube. And the number of its users is growing by leaps and bounds.

No more need to download music before listening, all music remains in the cache and does not require additional software to play, because SoundCloud has a fairly good player built in. The application works over a Wi-Fi network or using a mobile connection.

SoundCloud SoundCloud

This is something like a social network based on music. Here you can not only save in playlists, search and listen to music, news podcasts, conversations, and learn what your friends prefer and share with them what you like.

You can download this awesome app in GooglePlay and iTunes

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