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Often happens, there is a desire to learn something new or refresh knowledge on a long-studied subject, but there is not much time for it. At this moment, Stepik comes to the rescue. The application is not revolutionary in its own way, but it is convenient to use. Stepik is a Russian educational platform on which free courses are collected. Here you can find courses in programming, English, mathematics, physics, biology and bioinformatics, statistics, philosophy, neural networks and other interesting disciplines. Courses are available both in Russian and in English. And after completing some courses, you can get quite a real certificate. Search in the application while working a bit strange, but developers actively support their application and release updates almost every week.

Stepik Stepik Stepik

In Stepik on your device you can watch video lectures and solve some tasks directly from your smartphone. This greatly simplifies the learning process and saves time. Thanks to this, you can do tasks anywhere, not just at home with the computer. Also in the application, you can save materials to be able to learn, even offline, when there is no internet. In order not to be late with the delivery of a task, you can easily import deadlines of courses into your calendar. Set a reminder to help yourself regularly engage and do not forget about classes.
You can ask questions you have in the comments and participate in discussions with other students on the topic you are interested in.

Stepik Stepik Stepik

Training materials are presented in the form of texts with pictures, videos and various tasks with automatic verification of their correctness of the solution and instant feedback. The most represented courses are on mathematics, programming and biology. On the platform, you can solve about 20 types of tasks, including tests, numerical tasks, tasks with mathematical formulas and chemical equations, puzzles, programming tasks. The application will be most useful for high school students, students and young professionals.

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