Fluid Simulation

Fluid Simulation – creativity everyday is guaranteed

Fluid Simulation is a splendid game, where every touch is more eloquent than a word. Experiment with objects and functions to create new visual effects. Ready to get started? Fluid Simulation: fluid magic Fluid Simulation is an app released by developer Pavel Dobryakov. He created a creative game, where the colors are impressive in their scope…. [читать дальше]

Fabulous: Motivate Me

Fabulous: Motivate Me! Help yourself to become a little better

For everyone who is always sleepy, sluggish at work, does not sleep well, far from self-discipline or simply wants to establish a daily routine for himself. Fabulous: Motivate Me shares science-based advice with its users to improve its effectiveness in everyday life. Namely, the secrets of increasing energy levels, improving overall health, losing weight and… [читать дальше]