Bouncing Buddies – Cute Animals and Platform Jumps

Cute animals and creatures have often contributed to the success of many mobile games. It is difficult to resist the fluffy smiling figures with big eyes. The developers of Bouncing Buddies knew this very well. We will need to guide the animals in the form of balls, which, steadily bouncing off the platforms, will have… [читать дальше]


XBodyBuild – Diary of nutrition and training journal

There are not a few people among us who dream of a perfect  shapes and an athletic body. To achieve certain results in working on yourself you need to control the processes of change that will takes place on the way to the perfect body. To do this, you need to take into account the result you want to… [читать дальше]


TED – inspiring lectures on various topics from around the world

Modern man is often annoyed by the so-called “information hunger”. Everyone deal with it in different ways: some will procrastinate on the “In trend” tab of YouTube, others will scroll the endless Instagram / Twitter / Facebook tape (underline needed), and someone does nothing at all with this mood. At the moment when there is a free minute… [читать дальше]

SoloLearn: Learning to program easily and fun

SoloLearn is a large online learning platform designed to teach everyone programming and will do it for free. Thousands of teaching materials will allow newcomers to master the basics of this, as never before, relevant profession. With this application you can learn almost any popular programming language  you’ll choose. Which here represented not a little… [читать дальше]

Stepik: free courses for everyone

Often happens, there is a desire to learn something new or refresh knowledge on a long-studied subject, but there is not much time for it. At this moment, Stepik comes to the rescue. The application is not revolutionary in its own way, but it is convenient to use. Stepik is a Russian educational platform on… [читать дальше] – Promotions, Discounts, Sales

All lovers of treat themselves with fashionable cool things at an affordable price is dedicated. Finally, there is someone who will look for the most beneficial offer on the Internet instead of us. Please love and respect –! This is a relatively new application for the fans of shopping, with which you can find out about… [читать дальше]

DU Recorder – a reliable application for recording video from the smartphone screen

Sometimes you need to record video from the screen, and standard tools do not allow this. There is an solution! DU Recorder stably and quickly records the contents of the screen. In addition to simple recording and editing video in the application, there are many more advanced features. With its help you can create video letsplays… [читать дальше]

Time to drink water

Time to drink water – an app for your wellness

Health is the most important thing in the life of every person, so people try to take care of it as best as possible and make every possible effort to do it. A significant role in this is played by water, because the human body more than half consists precisely of water. The average daily water… [читать дальше]