The alphabet “Who am I going to be when I grow up” or a game that helps me learn English even the smallest

The beast in this magical book will introduce the child with all the letters of the English alphabet and tell about their professions. The application is designed for children older than 3 years, although it will be useful and interesting for people of all ages.
The alphabet “Whom shall I become when I grow up” is not just an alphabet, but an interactive book with games. Inside you waiting:
• acquaintance with the English alphabet
• 26 developing mini-games
• the pronunciation of each letter by the speaker
• colorful illustrations of beasts
• variety of professions
• alphabetical “counting” on the background of the game
• intuitive interface
• character animation
• the ability to return to viewing any letter
• FREE access to the game!

Алфавит «Кем я стану, когда вырасту» Алфавит «Кем я стану, когда вырасту»

An interactive book introduces the child to the letters of the English alphabet from A to Z, clearly showing the spelling of the letter. Thanks to the associative approach to learning the alphabet (animal + his profession), it will be easier for the kid to memorize the letters of the English alphabet. The main thing is that the learning of the letters of the alphabet takes place in a game form that will not bore any child or adult, and will also help develop fine motor skills, creative thinking, memory, logic and attention.
Forward to adventures in the world of knowledge!

You can download this game in Google Play

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