The Frostrune

The Frostrune let’s solve the mystery of Vikings together

The Frostrune is a unique and exclusive game in an adventurous genre. In this game, you will find a genuine Scandinavian culture and fascinating landscapes. The game’s feature is focused on solving the mystery of Vikings. Let’s do it together:)

The Frostrune impressive plot and stunning decorations

The Frostrune plotline is rather exciting. The shipwreck took place near the island, where an ancient rural settlement was found. Because of the storm, people from the settlement ran away. It is just a dark forest on the island where players need to find runes and relics. They can help you find answers on all of your questions which can finally lead you to solve the mystery of Vikings.


There is one important aspect of the game which is focused on Scandinavian nature and culture. Developers of the game are Scandinavian fans that tried their best to create and convey a unique and trustworthy atmosphere of this region. At first glance, it impresses with its charm and secrets. Moreover, stunning handmade decorations were used in the game. Delightful music atmosphere and authentic Scandinavian sounds compose a perfect combination.

The Frostrune aesthetics in detail

The Frostrune conveys a very accurate atmosphere of Scandinavian mythology and history. Developers did their best in trying to describe a genuine routine of Scandinavians, their mindset, myths and legends. I was impressed by the  Old Norse language and all historic objects created according to the ancient archaeological excavations. Fans of Scandinavian culture and uniqueness will be glad to see this kind of aesthetical details.

The Frostrune is a very holistic game with a great variety of engaging quizzes and impressive graphics. To solve the mystery of the island, you will have to find the answers to the difficult questions. You will research territories and find other intriguing things. The key to everything is a quiz. Graphic design is one of the most catching in this genre.

Furthermore, The Frostrune does not have any drawbacks. Maybe only one that the game is too short:) We will wait for the continuation of the game.

If you are a fan of Scandinavian culture, here is the link to download the game.

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