The House of Da Vinci

The House of Da Vinci – mystic reality

The House of Da Vinci is a 3D puzzle game. Its main goal is to find a famous scientist Leonardo Da Vinci. You’re a student of a well-known Teacher, and he was disappeared. You need to find a mystery of his disappearance. The game dives us to the world of difficult quizzes and amusing plot. This is a peculiar mystic detective with exciting puzzles and unique quizzes. Players need to explore all the objects and mechanisms in Da Vinci’s workroom.  

The House of Da Vinci game features

The House of Da Vinci has a complex process of getting through the levels. For example, to guess riddles and find Leonardo, you need to use the maximum of your logic. Moreover, amazing objects and sophisticated mechanisms of the XVI century in the workroom of Leonardo make this process more complicated. 

While playing the game, you start falling in love with the game’s atmosphere. The style of the Renaissance has a unique and fantastic atmosphere of real-life experience. Everything is quite well depicted. Exploring the objects to solve the mystery you almost feel their touch. Also, the sound background is rather attractive. 

I’d like to add a couple of words about the graphics of the game. It is impressive in its scope of the details. A perfect 3D design is a part of the well-constructed game as well.  

The House of Da Vinci what’s wrong in the game

Blue Brain Games, the game’s developers, made their best to be equal to a well-known game The Room. Although while playing, you have a feeling that The House of Da Vinci is just a copy of The Room, the game still has its strong points such as a perfect graphic design, an amazing plotline, and of course amusing puzzles. 

Also, the game’s control is not convenient. Moreover, you can’t play on different devices using the same profile, because the game doesn’t save your progress. We hope that other parts of the game will have an updated version with more convenient control. 

If you’re a fan of a mystery quiz, then you need to try The House of Da Vinci. 

Download the game here

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