The Latest Remnant comes out on mobile – improved and updated version!

Square Enix is a developer that has long loved mobile platforms. Nevertheless, there is an element that allows it to stand out among competitors in the market – as befits a Japanese developer, despite the fact that we often talk about games that have years of splendor behind, they can be expensive. In this regard, Square Enix has not changed anything over the years. But, given that they really stick to these publications, and by the way, they look and work really cool … it’s worth remembering that they are still cheaper than the options available on consoles.

The latest remaster for Android and iOS is available!

We perfectly remember the premiere of The Last Remnant on consoles – and how great the visual game was then. The fact that now you can take it with you anywhere and look better with the remastering version is simply amazing for me. But on top-end devices, the game looks and moves amazingly, anyway, look at the following teaser:

There is a world interwoven between four races: Mithra, Yama, Ksiti and Sovani.

In this world, mysterious objects called “remnants” have existed since ancient times. Who created these objects? When? And for what reason? No one knew and did not have the means, but continued to extract and use their colossal power.

However, the immense power of the Remains gradually caused an imbalance in the world. As the further division torn apart those who rule and those who follow them, the war began – the beginning of a long and endless struggle.

A thousand years later this story begins.

If you like Japanese role-playing games, you probably don’t need to get to know this name. A combat system that requires a great strategic approach to the subject, exciting stories, characters that you really like … all this makes up a set that can break many hours of life. Fortunately, in this edition you do not have to spend them on TV, because you can easily go on a journey on the road.

The game is available on the App Store and on the Google Play platform in the universal version for $ 19.99.

Download from Google Play

Download from the App Store

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