The Office Quest is a charming adventure game

The last days are a really good time for adventure games. And more and less classic. Office Quest is a typical representative of the point and click genre, that is, for those for whom the world fell in love with companies like Lucas Arts or Sierra many years ago. What is the difference between their most popular productions? Well-designed puzzles, humor and plot, which remembered the uncertainty in which there were swarms of colorful heroes. Many of them are missing in The Office Quest, so if you want to think a little, go ahead and go on a “business trip” that you will remember for a long time!

The Office Quest

This game is a great satire for long hours spent in the office and mindlessly tapping on the computer screen. One of the employees begins to combine their work. Unfortunately, his boss does not belong to the most forgiving … colleagues may be even worse. That is why his problems are growing. Everything is overcome, the earth must be a test!
The Office Quest

And here, actually, our role begins. Using what awaits us, we must somehow begin. Plan a perfect escape from a boring workplace. Get ready intuitively for a big dose of puzzles. Add to this a pinch of humor and … move on!

Office Quest, in addition to exciting gameplay, boasts a truly distinctive design. All this fun in sepia, on which black objects were applied. Maybe this is not the first production that goes after such a procedure, but it is solely on her face. Add to this all the pleasant music, and you get a really high-quality combination. We will not even write about the controls – because it is simple and convenient, what could be better than touch panels, which exactly indicate the places? However, it should be added that the larger the screen, the more pleasant the game will be!
The Office Quest

The Office Quest – one of those games that catch the eye from the entrance. What? First of all, design! And it turns out that this is only the beginning, and more fun awaits us there. The game is available in the AppStor and on the Google Play platform in the universal version for free. In fact, this is just a demo version containing the first chapter – the rest are unlocked by payment as part of a transaction within the application.

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