The Room: Old Sins

The Room: Old Sins explore new boundaries

The Room: Old Sins is a worthy continuation of a famous trilogy The Room. The fourth part of the game leads us to the world of tough quizzes and an amusing plot. Those who have already played The Room know the crucial idea of the game. This is an interesting detective story with exciting puzzles and mysterious riddles. Players will need to find clues and explore new places.

The Room: Old Sins plot’s culmination

In The Room: Old Sins, the plot is focused on solving the mystery of Waldegrave Manor. An ambitious engineer and his high-society wife were suddenly disappeared. This fact is the plot’s culmination. Their trails are left on the attic of their home, where you can easily find an old dollhouse. Players need to find a worthy artifact that will help solve the mystery.

The game has everything it needs to be in the top-5 in a detective genre. There is a high level of puzzles. Solving them is quite a difficult task. A light move of a hand can easily transform the dollhouse full of secrets. This is a kind of Rubik’s Cube. Moreover, all the locations in the game are unbelievable in their style. All of them are particular portals.

The Room: Old Sins best in the series

Developers of The Room: Old Sins created a masterpiece, which consists of an amazing graphic design, a unique plotline, and of course amusing puzzles. The game has everything to be called the best. But it is already the best in its genre. I was impressed by mechanisms working very accurately in the game. The proportions and the laws of physics are saved. Furthermore, you realize that these mechanisms will work in real life.

While playing the game, you start falling in love with the atmosphere. Everything is so marvelous, mysterious, and unique. However, in comparison with the previous versions, this version of the game has a few updated details. For instance, multilanguage support and a simple interface create an atmosphere of the real world.

While solving the mystery, you will need to explore many things. You will almost feel their touch. Moreover, the sound background is incredible. You cannot pass by a perfect 3D design.

If you’re a fan of the trilogy The Room, then you need to try The Room: Old Sins.

Download the game here.

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