Time to drink water

Time to drink water – an app for your wellness

Health is the most important thing in the life of every person, so people try to take care of it as best as possible and make every possible effort to do it. A significant role in this is played by water, because the human body more than half consists precisely of water. The average daily water intake for adults should be more than 1.5 liters, but not always everyone has time to follow it. To solve this problem, will be enough to install the Time to Drink Water app.

Time to drink water

By its principle of work, it sets a kind of simple reminder, which is usually on each phone, but it’s not the same. Here you do not need to set a certain time yourself, the application itself reminds you that you need to drink water, and all this takes place during the whole day. Among the most important advantages and features are the following: the application itself selects the quantity of water that you need during the day, based on certain parameters. Simple and convenient settings will help you to make it as accurate as possible while using this app.

Application Time to drink water is different from others with its simple, and at the same time perfect design, which is perfectly combined with its work. When you configure certain parameters, you can fix the necessary indicator for you, and follow it in the future. This application is a perfect choise primarily for children who often forget about drinking water, but it also comes in handy for adults. The application is quite multilangual, because it is available immediately in three languages: Russian, English and German. Installing this application in a month of use, you will automatically get used to your new regime, and you can improve your health, some improve your shapes, and much more.

You can download the app in Google Play

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