TrackView – spy camera while you not a home

Small children always require a lot of care, but not always the parents have enough time for everything. In solving this issue the application TrackView can help you. Its work is simple and effective, which will allow you to always monitor both children and everything that will happen at your home. It should be said that this is not just an application with which you can receive videos.


TrackView can be installed both on the phone, and not a tablet, or a computer. If you’ll set some certain settings, the application will provide live video, and could record it. This is an perfect option to always monitor the behavior of your children for a whole day. What is its advantage? This app requires much less settings, and easily and qualitatively can replace both: web camera and special devices for video surveillance.

The application combines a large number of different functions, among which are the following: the exact location, a mini smart house system that sends instant notifications to the phone. But that’s not all that TrackView includes. With it, you can easily perform such operations as: track your car, you can find your phone, baby monitor, fire alarm. This will be enough to have full control over both: children and your house.

The application can support several networks at once, which can provide high-quality and trouble-free operation, among them: Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G. Also it’s provides secure access – no one can watch the video, or install video surveillance except you. Given all this, you can forget about a lot of cords and expensive equipment once and for all.


Download the app on Google Play

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