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Try Cartoon Craft if you're looking for an exciting strategy game for smartphones

If you are looking for an exciting, but not too long strategy for your smartphone or tablet, be sure to try Cartoon Craft, available on devices running Android or iOS. This easy-to-use game will provide entertainment for several tens of minutes – which means, just in time for a short break or a short “party” in public transport.

Personally, Cartoon Craft reminds us of the TV series “The Settlers”, which we remember with great love. In the game there is an expansion of the settlement, training the army and, finally, the protection of the territory and the collection of loot. All this is simplified enough not to be too interesting. From the resources the player has only gold and wood. With their help, everything can be built here. This has its advantages, because – as already mentioned – it is not an extensive strategy for penetrating such issues as, for example, building blocks.

Cartoon Craft

The game is “broken” in the campaign. Each board has a predetermined goal. It is not always overcoming all enemies. In Cartoon Craft, you can also find missions where expanding your own city is more important than acquiring territory. The difficulty level of these boards increases with time. Unfortunately, to be able to play a more complex game, you first need to go through more and more simple ones.

Everything is accompanied by a storyline. Cartoon Craft player will face not only the enemy army, but also zombies or other creatures from this world. To understand all this mechanics, you will need English to play Cartoon Craft. Although this production is not very difficult from the point of view of control, the “textbook” explains, for example, how to give orders to the entire army or why specific buildings are needed. It is worth knowing.

Cartoon Craft

From time to time this game goes on promotion, where it is shown in bold that it is 100%. In fact, Cartoon Craft is always available for free download, and promotion depends only on whether the ad is shown inside. It is a pity, however, that the game, after all, contains micropayments. They range from terrible amounts to $ 300! Maybe it would be better to share this game for a small fee and get rid of paid improvements that are just annoying? …

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