Tsuki Adventures

Tsuki Adventures – relax like this cute rabbit

This is a cute and relaxed game in which the main character is the rabbit Tsuki, who may be close to many fans to pass the time for a relaxing game. Tsuki tired of hectic life in a big city and monotonous work. But one day something happens to him, and now the rabbit will have to change its habitual and bored lifestyle. Tsuki receives a letter which says that he received an inheritance from his grandfather and now he has own small farm in the village.

Приключения Цуки Приключения Цуки Приключения Цуки

The beginning of the game is one-in-one repeats the start of the game from Steam, which is called Stardew Valley. The next history of the rabbit will evolve in a different sequence, albeit in a similar setting. The adventures of Tsuki are rather a meditative game and do not require much action from the player. Only go to visit the rabbit sometimes, collect carrots, buy items, collect rewards and do pleasant things. Visit Tsuki’s friends, who will gladly join him in fishing, reading books, and even eating noodles. Tsuki Village is a place where everything is good and everyone can visit it and feel its tranquility.

Приключения Цуки

In The Adventures of Tsuki, it’s impossible to play for a long time, since the game is mostly self-contained and plays itself, but you can always look at the tea break and see the fluffy one. You can send Tsuki something to do by yourself, to fishing, for example. This acton is available at the beginning of the game after buying a fishing rod. The more items a rabbit has, the more options of pastime will be available to him.

The game has very nice graphics, it wears a characteristic Japanese style similar to the animation Ghibli studio. The music in The Adventures of Tsuki is also pleasant and relaxing. Of the shortcomings – this is an obvious lack of gaming location and slowdown a little sometimes. But let’s hope the developers will soon add new interesting places to the game.

You can download this game GooglePlay и iTunes

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