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With surprise and great jealousy, we heard the following fact: that today, at the elementary school stage, children will learn what programming is. We got the impression that something went wrong when we remember the lessons of computer science, in which we painted artists in Paint and highlighted the text in Word. Among the didactic tools used by teachers, there are more and more mobile applications. One of them is Tynker: a tool that will work not only at school, but also at home!

To begin with some important organizational issues. This may not be secret knowledge, but it may be easier for you to first become acquainted with Tinker. The first is a support service. We tested the application in iOS. Interestingly, he has no support on the iPhone. The only chance is to equip yourself with an iPad. The second organizational issue concerns the peripheral accessories supported by Tynker. The tool works with many Bluetooth-enabled toys. Do not forget to start it if you plan to program robots from Lego blocks!


Let’s look at how the application works. We have to admit that as humanists, we are always very concerned about all types of programming schools. Although we are dealing with a tool created for children, we are even more afraid that we will not be able to understand or master something. In the case of Tinker, all of our concerns were groundless. The application was perfectly prepared for the smallest, so adults can also cope with it without any problems.

After starting the application, we can choose with which option we want to work. Tynker is available both for home use and individually for schools. In this text we will focus on the first version, but it is worth noting that the tool will be successful among teachers who want to interest their students in programming.


The coding rate offered by Tynker is nothing more than simple games that teach children through certain interactions between teams and what changes on the screen. The code is built from blocks resembling a puzzle. However, we can replace puzzle elements with regular Swift teams. This is the next stage of initiation, but thanks to this decision it will be easier for the child to move from programming the image to the real one. In addition to the above courses, Tynker offers a number of projects in which young coding experts can animate, create simple games, program music, etc. Minecraft Pocket Edition owners can create special models for it. As we mentioned earlier, there is also support for interactive toys such as Sphero, Mambo, Ollie or the WeDo 2.0 module for Lego blocks. All these solutions allow children to enter the world of programming from the level of simple games and activities.

The free version of the application offers many examples of games and projects, but only the premium version opens up all the possibilities of Tynker. Here we will find 11 complete programming courses and ready-made templates for various commands or programs that the child can change. The cost of the full version of the application is about $ 50 for annual access to premium materials.

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