Unreal Space Racing

Unreal Space Racing: space galaxy is waiting for you

Unreal Space Racing is an amusing game in arcade genre designed by Alvakos team developers. You need to manage the obstacles and jump through the springboards in a space galaxy. Are you ready to play this arcade game? Then have fun.

Unreal Space Racing: fight with a galaxy

Unreal Space Racing has a great variety of fascinating gaming aspects. For example, while being in space, players need to collect points, weapons, and other bonuses. There are many obstacles and springboards on your way to success in this space world. Players need to concentrate their attention on the game. Reaction and cleverness are critical in reaching your goal.

The game has several modes, including Educative, Basic, Active, and Extreme. Every mode has its unique features. For instance, players will need to develop managerial skills in the educative mode. This mode doesn’t have time control and player records. Basic mode has only basic springboards and bonuses and doesn’t include flights. In the active mode, newbies can fill the whole variety of emotions. The speed, flights, and bonuses are fundamental in the active mode. Developers still work on extreme mode. We hope the Alvakos team will finish developing the mode, and we can soon try it.

Besides, Unreal Space Racing has the rating table in the space galaxy. Although you cannot play the game online, you can compete with other players.

Unreal Space Racing: the game’s benefits

The game Unreal Space Racing has the chance to have bonuses, involving orange and yellow crystals, super repair, acceleration, shield, decline, magnet, and rocket launcher. Every bonus has its role in the game. For example, a shield protects from side hits, while rocket launcher hits in-front obstacles. You can use these bonuses during the game on different levels.

If you’re a big fan of arcades, try this game.

Download it in the Play Market or App Store. 

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