Vivino – a wine scanner for true connoisseurs and also for beginners in this thing

In the world quite a large number of different drinks, but as a rule the most sophisticated and tastier is must be wine. Сhoosing a wine, there are many questions, but inexperienced people can not choose exactly the wine that they will like. You can solve this problem with a special application, namely Vivino – a wine scanner. This application is best suited for beginners who want to try the most delicious wine. The work of the application is that it analyzes the average price of the wine, its quality, and also provides recommendations on what kind of wine to choose for certain dish. It will be quite simple to get an accurate answer, because there are more than 20 million wine lovers in the app, who  have a great experience in this thing by the way.


When you want to find the necessary information about the wine, you just need to take a picture of the wine label, and the application will provide you with the information about it. With the help of this application, you can check the wine both in a regular store and in a restaurant, but in the second case you need to take a picture of a wine card. There is also a special function that allows you to store your favorite varieties of wine, and to buy them at the right time.

Vivino received a fairly useful feature that allows you to compare prices for wine among online stores, and thus gives to you the opportunity to choose the most resonable  price. The application also includes special functions, such as: search for wine for its name, the ability to synchronize your favorite wines into a special list, a section of the top list that includes the most elite varieties of wine. Therefore, with the help of this application, you can easily pick up exactly the wine that you will certainly like, and help with this choice to your friends.

You can download this app in  Google Play

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