The White Door

White door: short, exciting, one of a kind. New game from the creators of Rusty Lake

There are creators on the mobile market who may not release several games a month, but each product under their hands is a guarantee of quality. The same goes for the team responsible for Rusty Lake Hotel and Rusty Lake Paradise. We expect all the news from them according to the first information and … we are never disappointed. Things are similar to the White Door. Although we admit that the duration of the game leaves something unsatisfied – because you would like more …

“The White Door” is another production in their portfolio that serves as a sort of … point-and-click adventure game. However, we will not see here issues of openness and dialogue, such as “The Secret of the Island of the Monkeys”: they are much more intimate and minimalistic. And in fact, with such quality of workmanship and attention to detail: this is a compliment.

Two perspectives, one life

We meet Robert Hill in a difficult time for him, when he is locked up in a psychiatric institution. And there we every day, gradually, break the endless routines, learning something about our hero. However, shortly after this – we penetrate the past and open a piece, which led to the fact that Robert found himself in this situation. The narrative is really skillful, and the story itself – revealed in parts – with each sequence becomes less and less blurry and more … dramatic. However, given that this will be another headline full of different puzzles – not this time. Definitely closer to the visual novel genre, in which the story is illustrated, read, and presented in a very cool way. What do not like about her?

The White Door is undoubtedly a game … different from everything the creators are used to. This is probably also the reason that they released it under the new brand in the App Store – not Rusty Lake, but Second Maze. However, for us this does not matter much, because the name itself is still an excellent project and a fascinating, tense story to the end. If you like original games with an exciting story, then the name next to you definitely cannot pass by. The game is available on the App Store and on the Google Play platform in the universal version for $ 3.2. And $ 2.99.

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