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There are not a few people among us who dream of a perfect  shapes and an athletic body. To achieve certain results in working on yourself you need to control the processes of change that will takes place on the way to the perfect body. To do this, you need to take into account the result you want to achieve, consumed and spent calories as well as CPFC (calories, proteins, fats and carbs). You can, of course, try to find out information about the norm for any result and keep a notes in the notebook, which, after such active use, will fall apart in a month. Or you can install XBodyBuild and save your time.

XBodyBuild XBodyBuild XBodyBuild

In XBodyBuild, you can choose one of three goals: weight gain, weight loss or improvement in overall physical condition and weight maintenance. How successful you will achieve the goal mainly depends on how much your nutrition meets the goal. XBodyBuild will helps you to analyze your diet and pick it up so that it helps to weight gain or weight loss, depending on your preferences. To take into account consumed PFC (proteins, fats, carbs), you just need to put in the app what is included in your meal and its weight. In the application there is a huge fast-growing base with products, and if you still can not find what you need, you can add it in base just a minute. The built-in calorie calculator and PFC will calculates the nutritional value of the products you use in a moment and shows how much more you can eat and not to get out of the schedule of the chosen program. The maintenance of the body measurement diary, describing the measurement rules, will clearly demonstrate the results of your work: how many kilograms have been dropped or how much muscle mass was gained. And thanks to the photos taken in the application, you can share the result with your friends.

For those who have not yet decided what training program they need, XBodyBuild has ready-made training programs for both men and women aimed at achieving your chosen goal. There are programs for those who prefer to use fitness equipment, and for home workouts. In the database there are 120 exercises with a detailed description of the implementation. A convenient editor of exercises and training will allow you to change the necessary for yourself. Also you can see the history of training and the analysis of work your done.

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