Yummly – over a million recipes for all tastes

Yummly is a free, beautifully designed application that will help you decide what to cook and how to do it. In its reserve are more than one million recipes for any preferences: cuisines of the peoples of the world, vegetarian and vegan recipes, taking into account food allergies, gluten-free cuisine, etc.

Yummly  Yummly Yummly

In addition to a simple list of recipes and search by various criteria, as in many similar applications, you can save recipes that you liked in your favorites. But Yummly also has special advantages. Any selected recipe can be added to the shopping list. The app itself will break the recipe for individual products and add the ingredients to the shopping list. This list, like all data, you can synchronize between your devices on which the Yummly application is installed.

Based on your preferences, Yummly will pick you up recommendations from dishes that you should like. The more dishes you add to your favorites, then more you will like the recipes from the recommendations of Yummly.

Yummly  Yummly Yummly

You can pick up recipes that will match the characteristics of your food, and similar to them will appear in your recommendations. If you are vegan or vegetarian, if you are allergic to lactose, peanuts or seafood, or if you simply do not like any products, Yummly will make sure that you receive recipes in the light of all preferences and do not waste your time searching manually checking for the presence of necessary ingredients. To optimize the search for special criteria, which are so important to modern man, the application has special filters for calories, fat, carbohydrates and cholesterol in food, cooking time, etc. The app is suitable for gourmets, as well as for those who adhere to proper nutrition or a special diet.

You can download this app in PlayMarket and iTunes

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